Top Ten Tuesday: Things We Are Thankful For

This week’s topic for TTT from The Broke and the Bookish is about bookish or non-bookish things that we are thankful* for.

*drops gauntlet* I challenge my team to not be cheesy in this one. I mean we all know you guys love your parents and books and cats and stuff, okay? Okay. May the tears of gratitude pour:

Top Ten Tuesday


  1. I am grateful that the Harry Potter covers never had the faces of the movie’s cast on them. Instead, every cover revamp just gets better and better.
  2. I am grateful to the biological sorcery that dreaming is. I can never remember my dreams, but thank goodness Mary Shelley did. Although …
  3. Thank you God/Universe/Dumb Luck for Junot Diaz.
  4. Also, my women’s studies professor Kim Snowden. Her class was a definite turning point for me- both in my reading (academic and otherwise) and in my writing.
  5. Last but not least, THE INTERNET. *cradles the laptop and starts up with the Gollum-speak* EDIT: Bahaha! Just when I thanked the Internet I messed up colossally and published this on a Saturday morning instead of a Tuesday. Welp …


  1. I am thankful for libraries, both public and school, and for ILLs (inter-library loans), and not least for librarians.
  2. I am grateful to Yash for (oh-so sneakily by dint of enthusiasm and an I-know-you’ll-love-this approach) teaching me to appreciate graphic novels and webcomics, including Nimona. You still need to read Bite Me! (More on these in January.) (EDIT: oops, I meant March. January is Canadian children’s literature month.)
  3. I am thankful for the full use of my senses. All of them.
  4. I am thankful that I get to work with children, and study with adults, and read all by myself.
  5. I am thankful for smooth-flowing pens, pointed pencils, erasers, sturdy paper, and plenty of them.


I am thankful for:

  1. Pineapple. Fresh, slightly chilled with some mint on top. Thank you. While we are at it, thanks for watermelon, mangoes, apples, oranges…for fruits. But mostly pineapple.
  2. Those golden summer afternoons where the sun is out but not too fierce. There’s a breeze and you are wearing flipflops and life seems to stretch out in front of you filled with infinite possibilities.
  3. Flowers. All flowers. I love them.
  4. For silence. Sometimes a girl just needs it in bucketloads. To think, to dream or just to be.
  5. My room. My room is my haven and I will defend it fiercely against all invaders especially those of the grubby hand variety. Hoho.


I am thankful for…

1. Microsoft Word’s autosave. There have been many a hairy-scary moment between me and the technology, but autosave has, literally, saved my life.

2. Bacon and Coffee and Beer. ‘Nuff said.

3. Epic movie soundtracks, because they have no words, and they get me all hyped for writing and I feel like I’m writing an epic – but it’s just a thesis – but I love it. I also think I probably look crazy humming along to LOTR at Starbucks with my headphones in.

4. Duvets and doing laundry. Warm. Smelling awesome. Snuggly. Maybe I’m thankful for bed time?

5. Google maps. I need you, and I will forever be grateful that you exist. Should there ever be an apocalypse so help me, I’ll get lost – or potentially take the long road when I could have taken a shorter route.