Publisher Spotlight: Drawn and Quarterly

Drawn and Quarterly‘s story begins with the creation of graphic novels that circumvented the comics codes authorities in America and Canada. Inspired by Art Spiegelman and Françoise Mouly’s publishing RAW magazine, Chris Oliveros published his own anthology Drawn and Quarterly in 1990 and set up the independent publishing house based in Montreal, Canada and named after his brainchild.

They have since grown from publishing periodicals to bringing all kinds of new and exciting books to life, especially those that feature strong artwork. Now they publish almost 20 titles a years and have two imprints- the first is called Petit Livres that publishes non-comic-book art, and the second is called Enfant which focuses on resurrecting children’s classics for newer audiences.

Like Tara Books, they too have a lovely HQ that gives them the space for work and to sell their careful array of publications.

Award Winning and Featured Publications from D & Q:

New and Upcoming:

Keep your eyes peeled for these fantastic new books and be sure to add D & Q on Facebook, Tumblr, and Blogspot. For those interested in interning with them, check this link out here. And for those wanting to submit their work for publishing, be sure to read this as well as some of Drawn and Quarterly’s lovely publications to get a feel for what they expect.