The Cover Wars #6: More Dystopia!

The Cover Wars!

It’s this fun thing we do where one of us finds five books covers and then we all pass judgement! Enjoy, and if you agree, disagree or want to voice your own opinion leave a comment or tweet @TheBookWars! ^_^


Steph: I kinda like this one – but then I would as dystopia is my fave and this is very clearly a dystopia – even if only in setting. It looks to me like a survival story. I don’t know how I feel about another girl kicking butt (am I allowed to complain about that?), but having animals always adds an interesting element to the survival story. I’d read the back at the very least but I’d probably read it.

Janet: So she is clearly very skinny and slightly underdressed for the weather (that is snow, isn’t it, and she appears to be meandering rather than doing anything that might actually keep her warm, like, I don’t know, walking briskly), also she isn’t carrying anything and appears completely unequipped, but I rather like survival stories and the thing is, there are animals on the cover, so… I’d take a peek at the back. Dogs or wolves, I like them both.

Yash: I don’t like the dramatic title very much, but I do love the wolves/huskies, so I will definitely want to pick this up. (Gosh, what does that say about me? That all it takes are animals for me to pick up a book? Probably that I spend too much time online.) And erm, are we certain that’s a female on the cover? In any case, I approve of the red hoodie. They’re clearly going for a Little Red Riding Hood theme here. I’m intrigued.

Nafiza: There is a city, there are pretty clouds, there are animals and one lone human being. While the set up is pretty, it doesn’t give me anything new. I wouldn’t pick this up, not unless I read a gushing review of it. There are animals on the cover and I’d be afraid they’d be eaten or killed because it is a survival story. Hoho.


Steph: I just like this because it looks so darn old and charming but it was published July 2013! Anyway, I like the painted cover, I like how campy it looks. I like the hint that this might be a family story (no more single female protagonists kicking butt and falling in love) in the midst of some fun sci-fi occurrences. I’d probly read it.

Janet: Ha ha ha! I have to agree with Steph. This looks like the sort of books I raised my eyebrows at in elementary school but enjoyed once I actually got around to reading.

Yash: I like the illustrated cover, too. It feels like it will be thrilling and touching in equal parts. However, I would like to point out that in a bookstore, were I browsing without Steph and Janet’s interesting perspectives, I might not have looked twice at the book. I mean, it does look pretty old and not in a completely charming way.

Nafiza: I’m going to have to agree with Yash. It’s a bit too campy for my taste and I’d probably skip over it completely. I think we could have done without the moon.


Steph: This is on my to read list for many reasons, however this cover helps! It is just so pretty! It hints at the landscapes of the book and I like the font. 🙂

Janet: The font reminds me simultaneously of thorns and blood. I don’t know. The Guardian’s recommendation and award mention cast a damper on the effect of all that lovely white (er, blue) space. Quite clearly something terribly sad happens, but there also appears to be hope and peace, or at least acceptance and endurance.

Yash: Wait? This is a dystopian novel? For young adults? That’s quite a change isn’t it? The cover reminded me of something written by Ian McEwan. Lovely. I’m curious.

Nafiza: Oh this is lovely. I like how tranquil it seems. Are you sure this is dystopian? Will there be sharks in the water? Or goodness, nowhere else to go because the world is covered with water? Gosh, oh the title is Exodus so that means they’re in transit. Okay, I’d definitely be reading the back of this one.


Steph: I like it but I can’t really even make out the title. The True Meaning of Smekday? Anyway, it’s an interesting idea but I hope that what is inside the cover is easier to decipher. I’d read the back, but I’m not promising anything.

Janet: Smekday? The blue force field in the background (anyone else reminded of the Gungans in The Phantom Menace?) contrasted with the buildings isn’t bad, but I’m not much into dystopians, sci-fi, or cities, so the back would have to be sufficiently character-filled for me to check this out at the library.

Yash: I love this cover! It’s quite … playful? Which is odd, considering that it’s supposed to be dystopian, yes? I do like the mixing up of the text. It encourages your eyes to explore the futuristic cityscape as you puzzle out the title. And there’s nothing like a made up word to attract my attention. Not only do I want to read this, I also want to look up other stuff by Adam Rex.

Nafiza: While I certainly appreciate the playfulness of the cover, my brain does not like that I have to do mental gymnastics to figure out the title. But I do agree with Yash, it intrigues me enough that I’ll look it up and see what the novel is all about.


Steph: I find this intriguing, though I am hesitant because of the obvious hints at… romance… but you know, love stories can be good in the midst of other stories. Just hoping it won’t be a love triangle. Anyway, this is really neat art, I like the two faces and the colours. Again, I’d read the back.

Janet: Faces without heads that back into each other just don’t appeal. Where are the heads? Although this design is clever, I like things to be finished. Like eyes. And heads. And faces.

Yash: I like the portrayal of two faces. I think the colour scheme is quite nice. What irks me is the font used for the title and the one they chose for the writer’s name. They are vastly different and do not work together. Is there is a notable Asian/Chinese influence in the novels? Does the story take place in a Chinatown? Or did they just want to highlight Kat Zhang’s identity? Maybe it’s a font of her own choosing? Like a signature? (I’m not really trying to be annoying here. I haven’t read the books and I am genuinely curious about this design decision.)

Nafiza: No. I’m sorry but No. And this is at least partially, okay who am I kidding, mostly influenced by the fact that I’ve read the first one in the series and felt claustrophobic for days afterwards. The cover is quite revealing – two souls, one body. (No explanation of why, mind you.) And well, just no. And yes, Steph, romance. Quite a bit of it, actually.