Top Ten Tuesday: What I Wish Santa Would Get Me

Top Ten Tuesday

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This week’s theme is what I wish Santa would get me. I don’t know that this is specific to books, because the word is ‘what’ I wish Santa would get me… And if it were only books, the list is long but perhaps not very exciting as we always post on books. SO I think, I will just put what is at the top of the list. Yes, and I will split it up… yes…

Steph’s Christmas Wish List

Book – So many… I think I’d like the whole Exodus series by Julie Bertagna because it’s dystopia, it’s mentioned so often and I have heard many many good things about it. Or perhaps Meg Rosoff’s How I Live Now – for the same reasons.  

Material Good – I kind of want one of those nifty Hunger Games pins – oh! Or a Katniss poncho! But seriously, I’d like some cute warm winter boots. Short, lace-up, black and cute.

Experience – I want a trip to China! (but I guess I’ll take a ticket to see The Hobbit: Desolation of Smaug – is this an appropriate time to mention that I don’t think ‘desolation’ means what they think it means?)

The Ridiculous Stuff that I will want forever until I’m rich and famous – A trip around the world! A summer cottage on a lake!


Books Where to begin? Perhaps with Seraphina by Rachel Hartman, Across the Great Barrier and The Far West by Patricia C. Wrede. Or almost anything by Diana Wynne Jones.

Material good – Warm, neat-looking boots. Or thick woollen socks. (Yay, Dumbledore!)

Experience – Horseback and ballet lessons? Actually, for that I’d need a time-turner as well. Okay. Instead of books, I’d like a time-turner so that I have time to read, ride, and try ballet. And while I have the chance to ask, maybe a closet like Hermione’s purse?

Ridiculous stuff that I will want forever – A dog. A cat. Any animal that is intelligent and large enough to be a good companion. Feline, canine, equine – any or all.


Books: I really don’t want any more books. Just more time to read the ones I do have.

Material Good: A DVD box-set of Studio Ghibli movies, with the option to watch in original Japanese with English subtitles.

Experience: Watch The History Boys live, with the original cast- which is impossible since Richard Griffiths passed away. Or, I could hope against hope that a POC will be cast as a wizard protagonist, say Nathan Stewert-Jarrett or Richard Ayoade? But since none of that will happen in this the darkest of timelines, I guess I could settle for eating proper (South) Indian food again.

Ridiculous Stuff: When I am rich and famous I will personally ensure that BBC does a Jo Rowling approved Marauders mini-series. Or make the first two things listed under “Experience” come true. (I can settle for Alan Bennett playing Hector.)


I actually just want one thing.


My niece, Zara, home finally. That would actually be enough of a present. ^_____^