Welcome to December! The Month of Food, Fun and Freedom!


November and it’s dystopian theme sped by rather quickly but there are a month’s worth of dystopian posts/author interviews for you to look over if you are missing it. The Book Wars has survived three months and we’re raring to go into December with the same verve and spirit as any other month. Only, due to our very busy schedules and travel times (some of the Warriors are from a province other than BC and some of us are going out of the country), we’ve decided not to have a set theme. Instead, there’ll be food (!), fun (!!) and freedom (!!!) .

AliceFood. Credit: Dinah Fried

We are planning to get together for a baking good time and try out hand at making food mentioned/invented in fiction (Lembas bread, anyone?). I believe Stephie is flirting with the idea of taking a look at the relationship between food and characters in a book or two. I’m going to make a field trip to a couple of tea houses in Vancouver and report to our dear readers how welcoming their are to people who want to linger there with a book. I’m also going to make a stop at Kids Books in Vancouver, look at their Christmas displays and perhaps a post about that. There may be book reviews popping up (there most certainly will be reviews from me) and there may be the requisite end of the year book lists, because how can we not?

I welcome you to join us and let the tea party  (or coffee if you prefer) begin.