Top Ten Tuesday: Top Ten Goals/Resolutions For 2014

Top Ten Tuesday


  1. I will deliberately take the time to linger over books – not all, but some – reading word by word, enjoying the effect of every sentence as though the author stood in front of me, reading aloud.
  2. I will consider the effect of my words, and practice the discipline of careful understatement rather than thoughtlessly using overblown overstatement.
  3. I will be more considerate of others – be kinder and more loving rather than wary and selfish.
  4. I will practice stretching until I can reach my toes.


(All my bookish resolutions and one non-bookish)

  1. I will be pickier about the books I read. This means I will DNF a lot more books than I used to but life is short and there are too many good books to read for me to spend time on bad ones.
  2. I will read out of my comfort zone and explore genres I don’t usually.
  3. I will go back and reread favourite books that I care enough about to buy.
  4. I will buy fewer books and only get ones I am truly interested in reading.
  5. I will learn to knit.


  1. I think I shall blend Janet and Nafiza’s resolution. So, I will try and really spend the time on books that they deserve, but I will also be picky. If I truly am not captured or I figure it out right away, I will not finish it (unless I absolutely have to…). 🙂
  2. After every book read I will fill in a cue card with a quick summary listing what I liked, what I didn’t like and listing some favourite pages/quotes. This will help me greatly and I should have always been doing this! 🙂
  3. I will read critical books all the way through! I am so bad for not really reading, just sort of hen pecking chapters and sections. Anticipating that I will be finished my masters in four months I will add that I should try to read one critical book a month at the least. I just should, so I will.
  4. Finish my masters on time or early and also finish a creative novel by mid-year.
  5. The usual stay healthy resolution. Drink less alcohol and coffee. I want to continue to do ten-twenty minutes of yoga stretches a day, when I am stable I’ll sign up for Yoga classes or maybe try something new. I’ll stick to eating vegetarian two-three times a week (it’s also cheaper ^.-).
  6. The usual budgeting resolution. Paying attention to wear the moneys are going, staying on top of weekly to monthly spending and I will continue to pay bills on time.


  1. Lessen my TV watching hours.
  2. Increase my reading hours.
  3. Avoid online shopping.