The Cover Wars: That One Item



Janet: Is anyone else reminded of woven cloth? Anyway, colour scheme, feather quill, readable font – I’d read the back.

Yash: Wow. Okay. That is a ridiculously pretty cover. The colours are hypnotizing and the font is gorgeous. I would lean around Janet as she read the back and try to paw at the first chapter.

Steph: I too like this one. I might also be clamouring over Janet to get my paws on it. I like the colours, I like the title, I like the feathers. I just worry that it’s going to be slow paced. I might been to be a certain mood to actually read it.

Nafiza: I just showed this to you guys. It is BEAUTIFUL. Ahhh!! *hugs it*


Janet: I’m not fond of graffiti art, nor am I a boy… this just doesn’t look like a book I’d pick up. Also, that tag line is ominous. On the other hand, the graffiti style and guitar are pretty neat.

Yash: I am not sure I would pick this one up despite, *gasp* the yellow! The tag line is too … Disney made-for-TV movie, which is not necessarily a bad thing … just not what I would want to pick up, I think? Also, there are one too many colours happening for the words.

Steph: barf. “Two broke souls, one hot summer”? Are we doing a contemporary version of Grease? Ok, I liked Grease, I didn’t mean to slag on poor Grease. But this, this is just not even a possibility for me. The title, the idea that there will be a romance with a bad band boy or something it’s just… all been done before, so many times and it’s boring to me! Now, I want to say, this is just me. I’m sure after reading one dystopia many people are like, ok, did that, next! For me, that’s romance, and this type of romance in particular.

Nafiza: I like the yellow. I like the guitar. I like the positioning and fond of the words. The tagline though leaves me colder than a body in a morgue. What? Why did I just say that?


Janet: I love looking up words in the dictionary. There’s so much in there! So I like the title. But – somebody cut up a dictionary to make this cover! How dare they!

Yash: Honestly, I find that of all the books I am willing to cut up, a dictionary would be at the top of my list. (But we’re still friends right, Janet? Janet? JANET?! Oh no.) For me, the focus of the cover is the silhouette of the origami crane. That’s just pretty. I like it. I also appreciate that they didn’t chose obvious thematic words for the cover and instead went with (seemingly) random words like “gnaw” and “cynical”. I’m very curious about this one.

Steph: I think this could be fun, I love word play and words in general. I too like the silhouette and the random words (a hint that there will be lots of fun conversations and words and multiple meanings). I think I might be in on this one.

Nafiza: I have mixed feelings about this. On the one hand, I can see its appeal. I like the crane and the use of the text to create textuality. At the same time, it seems too messy to me and I don’t like the extraneous purple peeking around the edges. I wanted the purple to be veiled completely excepted where the crane and perhaps the author’s name could have been a dictionary entry. That would have been cool.


Janet: A hand-like fork curling avariciously like a grasping claw? Creepy… Yash and Steph, this one’s for you!

Yash: I am intrigued. As Janet predicted, I like the creepy fork/claw/beckoning hand. I guess I would read the back. I wonder if this is going to be a body-positive book, though? I also have to wonder if this is going to be a not-so-veiled commentary on today’s food issues? Home-made versus store bought? Organic versus GMO foods? Maybe I’ll let Steph decide.

Steph: FINALLY! One for me!!! However, I’m not entirely sold. I have heard of it and I know what the general premise is (people are sustained on vitamins/meds and there is no food… until one day the MC (a girl) meets a boy who is fighting to bring food back). So, that doesn’t sound terribly great to me because 1. it’s not really about the structure of a dystopia at all but about the boy and the girl story. 2. I had better believe why there isn’t any food now (was there a utopian ideal? how is it crumbling?) and why they want food back – I mean, if having edibles instead of pills is going to cause massive casualties…then I’m not on board? I’m very wary. In terms of the cover… it’s interesting, it’s simple, it doesn’t draw me in too much though because I think it focuses too much on the one thing that makes this boo “unique”  instead of the supposed ‘dystopia’, not enough on what will actually happen between the covers.

Nafiza: It’s interesting but it’s dystopian. It’s completely a Steph book so…


Janet: I like the whitewashed or painted look of the title font. Fluid and beautiful. The floor tile (?) pattern suggests Judaism and Christianity, and a non-North American setting (hooray!) This is a very carefully composed title and cover, with the suggestions of old boundaries and immovable obstacles being minutely and irrevocably worn away, of change so slow it appears to not occur. The nest hints at the potential for life, yet it is on the ground and vulnerable, and contains no egg but a feather and a red thread (?) I’m impressed, and would like to read more.

Yash: It does have a historical fiction look to it, doesn’t it? Like Janet, I love the tiles and the font and the title itself. I am a bit annoyed with the contents of the nest though. Like there’s something not quite right with the ribbon and feather- it looks very photoshopped … which it may well be, but the cover isn’t supposed to make that obvious, right? But I am only nit-picking here. I think I’d read this one if Janet gave it a thumbs up.

Steph: This one looks really pretty. I like the simple cover, the artefacts that will be important through the story. I too like the red thread and wonder how that will be used to draw the story forward. It has an aged feel to it, like it will take place in the past (i.e. no computers or texting). I think I would read the back.

Nafiza: I really like this one. Everyone has said it already and Janet, wow, awesome analysis. I’m impressed.


Janet: This is different. The title and cover doesn’t fit together yet for me – stitching yet mechanical design, almost ink or waxwork, snow yet an apple. No tagline (hooray!), so I’d have to look at the back cover to find out just about anything at all about this story. At the moment it inspires neither interest nor repulsion.

Yash: As always, I must fight down a wave of annoyance whenever I see anything Snow White related. But the stitching, to me, implies some kind of robotics, which could be fun. Look, as a cover, I think it works. The font, the title, the circuitry- it’s all very nice. But I can tell this is aimed at readers of The Lunar Chronicles and I don’t know if I want to pick it up for just that reason? I’ll wait around for someone to give me a convincing review, maybe? And yes, I would read the back.

Steph: I am interested! I get a steampunk feel, and I like the idea of a Snow White retelling in a steampunk world. The same worries regarding all retellings are present (will it do it justice? believable? too many changes? is it creative enough?) but I think I’d read the back to check it out.

Nafiza: Well I like it and I want it. Preferably now. I like the prettiness and I’m so articulate right now but the apple won me over. Yay.