Top Ten Tuesday: Top Ten Things On My Bookish Bucket List

Top Ten Tuesday


  1. I would like to meet J. K. Rowling some day and then demand the script for a BBC Marauders TV show.
  2. I would like to also meet Terry Pratchett, but unfortunately, that seems even less likely than seeing J. K. Rowling talk.
  3. I want to learn, in detail, every poem/play/book/historical fact ever referenced in The History Boys. So far, I have about 40% down.
  4. Finish reading my current pile of non-children’s literature. It’s the tallest un-read pile I have. For obvious reasons, I guess.
  5. Actually finish a novel someday? That’s kind of bookish, right? It’s just about my (hypothetical) book and not someone else’s!


  1. Memorize more poetry. Word for word, every line. The psalms would be a good place to start.
  2. I would have put “meet Diana Wynne Jones,” but that dream was crushed a few years ago.
  3. Meet Megan Whalen Turner. And hear her speak. And get my books signed by her.
  4. Write more fiction – short stories, a picturebook, poetry, a novel – and finish it. Edit: polish and refine my writing.
  5. Submit one or more of the results of 4. (see above) for publication.


  1. To finish my novel aka my thesis. And then, you know, the entire trilogy.
  2. To live in a place where I can have a room entirely devoted to books. Or you know, my personal library.
  3. Get a novel published or I will settle for someone reading what I have written and absolutely loving it. Several someones.
  4. Read ALL the books in my collection. Find time and energy to do so.
  5. Read all of Shakespeare’s plays. All of them.


  1. Finish writing a book. Any of the many I have started will do – just finish one and submit for publication – just to see.
  2. Read through my TO READ list! It’s long and hefty and ever growing – and so I suppose this one is really just, keep reading.
  3. Read more non-fiction. I think I’ll like it. Children’s or adult. Any suggestions?
  4. Attend more lit and industry conferences – that way I can meet interesting people and authors I never even knew about and stay within the sphere – the bookish sphere that exists in my mind…
  5. Continue to read theory – there is a danger that, when I am finished my thesis, I will stop reading theory. I gotta keep it up! It’s on the list.