The Cover Wars: Cheerful Picturebooks










Welcome to the Cover Wars, where we consider books based on their covers! This week’s Cover Wars revolves around picturebooks  with cheerful covers (at least, according to Janet)… As always, we look forward to hearing your opinions on the covers.

cw a

Janet: Not the sort of picturebook I would have been particularly drawn to as a child, but I have to admire the panache and guts of this child, who is clearly enjoying dress up thoroughly. Okay. I’d read it.

Steph: I think I have read this actually. It’s pretty cute and reminds me of many of the little girls – you know, rough and tumble but with a flare for the dress-up. The cover design is not my favourite, especially the fonts (they use two, to try and capture her character I think, and it’s just not appealing to me) and the border (which gives it a sort of older publication feel), the actual illustrations, though, are cute.



cw b

Janet: Yes, this is a book from about half a century ago, and yes, I would definitely pick it up today. There’s a lot going on here, but we have a central character (I presume that Rupert is the bear being lifted off the ground by a kite?), a definite sense of time/place/culture, and some fantastic adventures. (I can’t have been the only child who always wanted to be lifted off the ground by a kite, can I?)

Steph: RUPERT! I love Rupert. I will read Rupert. The cover is exactly as it should be for Rupert, many characters and the little British Bear in the centre, feet off the ground in a whimsical pose (with a kite?) is just perfect. If it weren’t a beloved story though I might not like all the characters cluttering up the cover, but it does give us a sense for what kind of storytelling this is going to be. A little village and one character’s adventures and interactions. I don’t like that the author or illustrator isn’t mentioned at all and it makes me wonder why, without google at my disposal I wouldn’t know who originally created it or who illustrates it currently.

cw c

Janet: Ha, that moose! He looks so very sedate and English gentlemanly, walking with his hooves behind his back like that. Autumn leaves, a restful colour scheme (much as I love bright colours, I am wearying of supersaturation), homey drawing (watercolour?) illustration style, and animal characters. I’m in.

Steph: This is a happy cover. I already grin at the hyjinx and group of animals walking like people (though that is easily criticised, let’s just enjoy it). It also looks very Canadian, with the moose and the beavers and all the forest – B.C.-esque. It looks like a good old fashioned skit sort of story, like George and Martha, y’know?

cw d

 Janet: Stella is so very, very small that she is almost hard to see on the cover that bears her name. I like the sky, the grasses, and I like Stella. I would read this.

Steph: STELLA! I like the Stella stories, sometimes Stella is a little bossy with her brother, but I like their individual stories and I like the child logic (it really is lovely). Also, look at that art? Very stylized but so charming and light and readable. Stella is a great series.

cw e

Janet: How is that dragon breathing? That is an awful lot of tacos. I like the multicoloured title, I like the hand-written font(s), I like the unusual speckled sky with its wheeling dragons, and I want to know more about this dragon. Also, I want food. Tacos sound delicious.

Steph: Hahaha, this one screams Janet! I can just see her bursting into laughter at the tacos piled up in the dragon’s mouth. ^_^ It’s looks adorable. I too question the breathing, but mostly I am jealous that all the fillings seem to magically stay in the tacos… (I would read this, of course).