My Summer Time Reading

Remember that shiny post I wrote up describing all the books I would be reading through the summer?  Yeah. That didn’t happen. I mean, I read books. I read quite a few books but I didn’t read the books I said I would.  Actually, I didn’t really feel like reading most of the time. I was revising my thesis novel and that took a lot out of me both mentally and physically. And since I was spending so much time with the written word already, I didn’t want to spend whatever time I had left on more reading. Let’s go through some of the titles I did read and talk about some of the ones that are more memorable.

1. The Accidental Keyhand (Ninja Librarians) by Jen Swann Downey. I’ve already reviewed this here so you can see how I feel about it.

2. The Changeling Sea by Patricia McKillip
This really small novel, novella actually, managed to encompass everything I like in a fantasy novel. Beautiful writing, fun characters, that ambiguity which makes things a lot more fun. It is worth checking out and comes highly recommended from me.

3. The Housekeeper and the Professor by Yoko Ogawa
Ogawa’s books are really short in length but have a lot of substance. Plus I like the glimpses of different cultures afforded by translated books. This one in particular concerned the relationship between an elderly mathematician with short term memory loss and his housekeeper and her son. The quiet friendship is really beautifully rendered.

3. A Face of Glass – Frances Hardinge
This was an amazing book. The writing, the plot, the characters are all lovely.

4. The Interrogation of Ashala Wolf – Ambelin Kwaymullina
Dystopian fiction with a lot of ecofeminist theory worked into it. Not consciously, of course, but very ripe pickings for any scholar. (Nudge, Stephie.)

5. The Ghost Bride – Yangsze Choo
This concerns the tradition of finding wives for dead unmarried sons. Set in Malaysia, this is chilling and quite fun to read. There is a dragon.

6. The Goblin Emperor – Katherine Addison
Easily one of my favourite books this year. This standalone fantasy though marketed as adult works perfectly as a crossover. High recommended to any fantasy fans.

7. Glass Sentence – S. E. Grove
This was not as wonderful as it has been touted to be. For various reasons. However, it was enjoyable. And a good middle grade novel should always get the spotlight. Plus excellent worldbuilding.

8. Geek Girl: Picture Perfect – Holly Smale
Smale dresses up her Geek Girl series as fluff but honestly, it’s smart fluff. It’s fun fluff. And I like fluff.

9. The Child of a Hidden Sea – A. M. Dellamonica
So, I just finished this last night and for a portal fantasy, this gave us a different heroine. This is adult fiction and could function as a crossover. The main character is a biology geek who is afraid of defending her Masters thesis (Yash and I are both going to defend soon so this struck very close to home).