Top Ten Tuesday: I Solemnly Resolve…

 Top Ten Tuesday

Top Ten Goals/Resolutions For 2014 — bookish, blogging or otherwise!



  1. To continue to read at least three books a week – and hopefully finally finish a few series that are just dangling.
  2. To edit my manuscript and then share with friends. (This is just going to take so much time!)
  3. Spend less time in front of a screen – that would be phone, T.V. and laptop. It’s hard as a writer, reader and reviewer to avoid he screen, but I will strive for at least 24 (that doesn’t include sleep!) hours a week without screen time. Even at work, in the bookstore, there are screens!
  4. Continue doing yoga, because I like it, but it’s just so hard to leave the house and go, y’know? But this helps with screen time issues!
  5. Get… a… real job?


  1. Find a job. (This could be it, really. If I accomplish only this, I’ll be deliriously happy.)
  2. Find an agent.
  3. Finish the series that I’ve been lingering over.
  4. Go out more. Well, this will depend on the job finding. Can’t have much of a social life without moneys, right?
  5. Read more diversely. I already do but I want to make an effort and search out obscure titles and give them my attention.
  6. Finish the sequel to the first book. It’s not asking for too much, is it, Brain?
  7. Cook more. It is actually strangely therapeutic.
  8. Get back into photography. I don’t like taking pictures of people but I do love taking pictures of flowers so maybe go on a nature walk with my camera when the weather permits.
  9. Write better articles for The Book Wars. Really.


  1. Get a job. A book-related, word-related, editing-related, children’s-literature-related job.
  2. Read more diversely – and not just more historical fiction (that would feel like cheating, I like historical fiction so much). More books by contemporary authors set in the present, and more translated books.
  3. Write more often and more deeply. To not be afraid to put my heart onto the page, even/especially if nobody but me will ever read the words. To have more confidence in my writing.
  4. Run and do enjoyable physical activities with greater regularity. I like that intensely alive feeling that accompanies full-bodied motion, whether that means contra dancing or kicking a punchbag or turning cartwheels across a field – why do I forget how wonderful this feeling is?
  5. To be more observant of others and less self-focused.


(Getting a job is less of a resolution and more of a necessity; it just has to happen or I may just pooffft into thin air. So, yeah, not gonna bother adding it to my list.)

  1. Read more. (TBR pile is dangerously tall!)
  2. Write more. (Actually, finish my novel this year?)
  3. Get a dog. (Alternatively, find a friend who has a dog?)
  4. Be a better friend and daughter. (Do NOT forget birthdays and important dates!)
  5. I was gonna resolve to be more outgoing but nah, books are less disappointing/annoying than people. Sorry not sorry.