The Grand Giveaway: Announcing The Winners!

Dear book-lovers, lit-nerds, and unicorns,

At the beginning of the month, we announced the (still rather unbelievable) news of having hit 10K followers!

We’ve always loved creating content for this blog but we never expected it to receive the attention that it did. You guys, *choked voice* we feel so loved! *dabs at eyes with hanky*

*ahem* Anyway.

When we announced this exciting news we also mentioned something about a GRAND GIVEAWAY*! Over the past month, we’ve received some rather sweet entries and comments. And now … we get to announce the winners!

First Prize Winner of the GRAND GIVEAWAY: Elizabeth! 

Elizabeth has been a loyal reader and it is always a pleasure to interact with her in the comments section! She, like us, lives the bookish life and you can visit her here for her thoughts and reviews! The first prize entitles the winner to receive two books from the list we’ve compiled here. Elizabeth has chosen the following fine books:

Congratulations, Elizabeth! 🙂

Second Prize Winner of the GRAND GIVEAWAYReadmefirst33! 

Readmefirst33 is yet another long-time reader and regular commenter! We are curious (and a little worried) about what he has in store for us, since the second prize entitles the winner to quite a lot of power over The Book Wars; he gets to pick a theme for the blog– a theme we will have to work with for an entire month.

Third Prize Winner of the GRAND GIVEAWAY: Tengku Sakinah! 

Who, er, was pretty candid about entering the giveaway because YAY FREE BOOKS but, for whom the prize of receiving snail mail from us may not quite appeal to. We are currently trying to negotiate a consolation prize and we’ll keep you guys posted on that front!

Thank you so much to everyone who entered our GRAND GIVEAWAY and to everyone who drops by our not-so-humble blog hi Mum and sometimes even leaves us a comment or two. We appreciate you guys. You’re all pretty damn awesome.

Much Love,

The Book Wars Team

*Yes, it must always be bold and capital.