Review: I Will Fight Monsters For You by Santi Balmes and Lyona (illust.)


Hardcover, 32 pages
Published March 1st 2015 by Albert Whitman & Company
Source: Publisher

I Will Fight Monsters For You is an adorable picturebook that was originally published in (if I’m not wrong) Spanish and then translated. It tackles the age-old “monster the bed” fear of many children in an interesting adult way. Martina is scared to sleep alone because she is convinced that there is a monster under her bed. And in fact, there is. A little monster girl whose name is Anitram. She, too, is scared to sleep alone because she believe that there is a human under her bed. Both Martina and Anitram’s parents tell their daughters that they need not fear as they will fight “monsters” for them.

Now, what is so fascinating about this picturebook is the word “monsters.” The picturebook postulates much like the adage “one person’s music is another person’s noise” but in a twisted sort of way. Martina is as much a monster to Anitram as Anitram is to Martina. I think that parents could use this book to discuss the mutability of things and perspectives. Or just use this book to soothe fears at bedtime because (good) parents will always fight monsters for their children.

The art is also adorable and perfectly fits the tone of the story. The picturebook feels more like something that would be more successful when read out loud by a parent to a child than something that the child reads by themselves. I could be wrong though. I recommend it.
The book also comes as an app.