Top Ten Tuesday: Best Bookish Memories

Top Ten Tuesday

TTT is by The Broke and the Bookish. I … am not sure if they mean memories in books, or memories about books, so I guess we’ll just do a combination of both?


Memories, hmm. Hmmmmm…..

  1. Finding an absolutely brand new copy of Plain Kate by Erin Bow in a thrift store. This may not seem like much but when you were a starving college student, this was a LOT. I remember the glee that filled me.
  2. Being accepted to the MACL program. I include this because this was the gateway to many things bookish for me.
  3. Meeting Rachel Hartman for the first time. I stammered; I embarrassed myself with my lack of eloquence. I got a signed book. It was all good.
  4. Attending the ALA midwinter conference in Seattle. That was my first time at a book conference and oh dear lord, to be in the same space as 100s of book lovers was amazing. Beyond amazing. Brilliant. The books, the people, the conversation, tracking through Seattle weighed down by many many books because we refused to pay bus fare, yep. It was a good time.
  5. Going to the library sale with a suitcase and then having the suitcase breakdown (ha) on the transit. Man, the things I do for books.
  6. Organizing the grad research lit. conference with my people! It was fun though it was a lot of work.


Attending events where authors (Oliver Jeffers and Kenneth Oppel) spoke. I actually sat next to Mr. Oppel which was slightly awkward as I haven’t read any of his books.


  1. Reading The Hobbit for the first time – I think it was just the first not so serialized book (I mean Nancy Drew and Pony Pals), it was that first “I can’t predict exactly what’s going to happen” books and it was wonderful and astonishing and really fueled my thirst for more great books. I also know that this was the first book that I read to myself that made me both laugh out loud and cry (something I tend to do WAY too much now).
  2. Reading the class assigned Hatchet and realizing that I liked it. I think it’s “cool” for kids to gang up on hating the book that they are being forced to read, but I generally liked anything – from The Giver to Shakespeare to One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest I tended to like being pushed into reading something unfamiliar, that maybe I wouldn’t pick out for myself. I guess that’s why I liked doing an English Degree and then a Master’s in Literature, lol.
  3. I just have so many fond memories of reading on the go. We lived in rural Manitoba so just getting to a big grocery store was a half hour drive – I would read in the car. On vacation I would read in the car and on the beach and devour book after book – and it didn’t really matter what the book was, it was certainly better than being bored in the backseat of an overly hot car that smelled WAY too much like Juicy Fruit. I got immersed into the fantasy world instead. Escapism isn’t a theory it’s a truth. The trend continues even today, I read on the bus, listen to audiobooks while I walk and shop and bring a book everywhere. 🙂
  4. I remember reading Harry Potter as it was coming out. I was in grade 8 when my three friends and I shared the first three books between us and anxiously awaited the fourth – and I also remember staying up until 4 in the morning and reading The Goblet of Fire because I couldn’t put it down and so that I could hand it off to my friend the next day.
  5. There was this slow realization that the quality and the experience of reading a novel versus a series is totally different. I think when I began my Master’s degree series were (and still are) HUGE but, as much as I love reading a series for it’s characters and overarching plot, reading a stand-alone novel can also be a mind-blowing experience and has me wondering at the craft of it all. I mean a series, a good one anyway, takes planning and the planting of tidbits throughout, but a novel has to accomplish so much in such a limited space… I’m still mulling and making good memories.
  6. I too really enjoyed every conference that I went to, and speaking at my first conference was a great experience as was helping to plan the UBC Biennial with Nafiza!

BONUS: I’m creating and looking forward to creating new bookish memories now as I stockpile books and plan which books to read with my new baby (expected in May) – a new reader for life is already happening as my husband reads Lord of the Rings and James Bond books outloud to my stomach, lol, which I’m sure I will always remember fondly as well.