Welcome to May

Welcome to May! At The Book Wars, May 2015 is Reverse Crossover month. You read that right: Reverse Crossover month. Crossover stories are typically assumed to be books written for young adults that appeal to the proper grown-ups. (Because, you know, there’s such a vast difference between a good book for children and a good book for adults, right? Er, right?)

Well, we’ve decided to reverse that and focus on books written for adults that have, or may have, in our opinions, strong appeal to young adults, teens, and possibly even younger children.

On the slate for this month: Nafiza has a host of books she intends to review, including Damascus NightsGhost Bride, and Alias Hook. You can expect a post on Saladin Ahmed’s Of Crescent Moon from Yash and Nafiza, and later in the month, Nafiza and Janet will write about a pair of memoirs by the mother-and-daughter team of Clare and Elena Dunkle: Hope and Other Luxuries and Elena Vanishing. Steph’s posts will remain a surprise for the present; like all her posts, a good surprise.

Happy reading!