June: The Winner's Month aka Recommending and Recommended books for Reluctant (young or old) Readers

(a whole lot of alliteration in the title, eh? *grin*)

Anyway. It’s your trusted Book Warrior here to bring you introduce you to this glorious month’s theme. A couple of months ago we ran a giveaway where one of the prizes was getting to choose our theme for a month. The winner (hi Jay!) chose Recommending and Recommended Books for Reluctant (Young or Old) Readers. We are going to attempt to let you know how to let others know the beauty of reading…


so that they go…


and become enamored of reading…





The thing is, there are some cons to reading that we’re going to be upfront about. Reading may causes people to become ah, slightly antisocial:


and not want to be interrupted while reading (the worst!):


They may become too attached to their books (who wouldn’t?):


And reading is all they’ll want to do:


But we (confirmed bibliophiles) feel like there’s no risk too great to turn away from being a reader. So join us this month as we talk about reading and recommend books that will tempt even the most reluctant readers. We will continue with our Top Ten and Cover Wars feature as usual. We will also have some blog tours and guest posts during the month. We’ll also be reviewing some new releases for your pleasure. So settle in and join us for another month of funnery (I just made up that word. I blame the bear.)