Readathons: The 411

Readathons are quite popular around the blogosphere and booktube so I thought I’d post some information about them for our readers who might be interested in participating in one. Personally, I don’t like taking part in readathons simply because I have a tendency to read so much during one (cuz I take them way too seriously) that I get sick of reading and then don’t read at all for the next two weeks. But I can understand why other people enjoy them. Readathons are about more than just reading; they are also about interacting with other readers, making friends with people who like the sames books you do, and just, in general, having a lot of fun.

There are a few really popular readathons who have large numbers of people participating. They include:

  1. Dewey’s 24 Hour Readathon
  2. 24 in 48 Readathon
  3. Bout of Books Readathon

For an extended list of readathons with links and other information, consult Little Book Owl’s information page. She has an exhaustive list of all the readathons that exist.

I believe that all readathons have certain challenges that need to be completed in order to finish a readathon successfully. This can be anything from reading a certain number of pages to reading certain genres of novels. Some readathons are more laid back than others like Read  Your Book Shelf Readathon where you have to finish a certain number of books from your bookshelf while others can be quite astringent and demanding. So before you commit to a readathon, be sure to read up on the challenges and see they are something you’ll have fun completing. Failing a readathon is probably not the nicest feeling.

I think that’s about it for this post though I probably have missed some pertinent information. Let me know if you’ve ever participated in a readathon or if you’re planning to any time soon.