December 2015: Choose-Your-Own-Adventure Month

No, not that kind of choose you own adventure. The four of us have decided to keep to our tradition of December being the month where each of us can talk about whatever we choose. In other words, December’s topic is topic-less-ness.

So what can you look forward to this December?

Nafiza will write about all the different series (trilogies, for the most part) that she has read this year. She will also review some books received from publishers, and maybe (fingers crossed!) interview an author. Steph hopes to discuss Ken Oppel’s new book, Afterworlds, the problem with writing about writers, and possibly also *[cue foreboding music]* dystopia and cannibalism. Yash is keeping her plans a secret for now; what thought-provoking piece will she write next? We don’t know, either, and can’t wait to find out. And Janet will write about four picturebooks that inspire wonder and awareness of the marvelous in everyday life.

Happy reading!