TTT: Fictional Foods We’d Like To Try …

… or, at least, are curious about.

Top Ten Tuesday

Top Ten Tuesday is a meme by The Broke And The Bookish.


I am so hungry right now this isn’t fair.

  1. Stew – this is partially in humorous reference to Janet’s favourite Diana Wynne Jones’ Tough Guide to Fantasyland, I always remember Jones’ comments about Fantasy and stew (and how ludicrous it is that travelling characters would plop down and just make a pot of stew, and also how uncreative it is), but honestly, Fantasy stew always sounds AMAZING. The character or setting is usually cold and/or wet and thick, rich, greasy, meaty, hearty, tomato, potato even turnip laden stew always sounds to die for. . . and there is always bread to go with it. Fresh or crusty and old when it’s soaked in stew it can only get better . . . Dangit I’m starving.
  2. Lemon Cakes –  From The Game of Thrones series, Lemon cakes are Sansa’s favourite desserts and they sound like they’d be mine too… luckily The Geeky Chef exists and we brave fantasy die-hards can try loads of fictional recipes 🙂
  3. Pumpkin stuff of all kinds from Harry Potter – odd that there are so many pumpkin infused things from this series. I love pumpkin and so I always want to try everything from Pumpkin Juice to Pumpkin Pasties (I’m sure there are also some pumpkin flavoured candies that I’d like too).
  4. Lembas Bread – because what LOTR fan doesn’t want to know what this stuff really tastes like? I mean, the characters rave about this stuff even when it’s stale and all they have eaten for weeks–that’s saying something!
  5. Anime Food – Ok, that’s broad and maybe some of the other Book Warriors will know more specific names but reading manga and watching anime always makes me hungry because of all the delicious pastries! Sailor Moon always features these sweet crepes (kiwi and strawberry cream in crepe-things) and sweet buns and there’s that whole episode that revolves around Usagi’s mom’s cookies (which look like chocolate truffles…) and in Cardcaptor they are always taking turns cooking dinner and making sweets in their grade 4 class (strawberry shortcake!) and there is so much food infused into Anime and Manga . . . I’m going to go and eat now.


All the fictional food, please. I’ve already tried quite a bit – which only makes me hungry for the rest.

  1. Lembas bread – I’d forgotten this until Steph mentioned it (what LOTR failure I am) but waybread would be wonderful to try.
  2. Hotroot Soup made by the otters in Brian Jacques’s Redwall series. Unless it involves root vegetables. I don’t really like most of those. Ogden Nash had it right about parsnips. I picture the hotroots as more of a tuber, possibly water-based since we are dealing with otters here, and the soup as being red in hue, as though it contained copious amounts of sambal oelek. That would be a soup I could go for.
  3. And while we’re in Redwall, just about all the pies, pastries, breads, cakes, and (non-alcoholic) cordials mentioned. Some, like honeymoles, can be recreated; others are a little beyond my reach.
  4. That green noodle dish Korra and Bolin eat on their date. Also, tea from Uncle Iroh’s shop, Spirit World Cake (done that), and those delicious momos served in the Earth Kingdom. But not, I repeat, absolutely not stewed sea prunes. Katara can keep those to herself.


  1. I third Lembas bread because who wouldn’t? They make it sound so delicious.
  2. Miruvor, almost from The Lord of the Rings, which according to Wiki is thought to come from the ‘honey of the undying flowers’ of some mythical place. Sign me up for about two liters.
  3. Raspberry layer cake from Anne of Green Gables by L. M. Montgomery.
  4. November cakes and salted butter tea from The Scorpio Races by Maggie Stiefvater.

I got the last one from this website and I think it may become Janet’s favourite website after this. Make me November cakes, Janet! *cheese*


So, Janet and I have been making quite a few things from books …

… based on recipes from websites like Fiction-Food Café, Feast of Fiction, The Geeky Chef, and Food Through the Pages. (There are many others, but these websites are my go-to ones.)

  1. Spirit World Cake from The Legend of Korra: We made it once. It is absolutely delicious. I can’t wait for it to be spring/summer, so we can make it again.
  2. Persephone’s Pecan Pie from The Dream Thieves: Which I will have to attempt by myself some time since Janet can’t eat this one.
  3. Pumpkin Pasties from Harry Potter: We’ve made these too and I loved them.
  4. Button Cookies inspired by Coraline: Next Halloween for sure!
  5. Flower Rolls from The Hunger Games: Janet and I have been wanting to make these forever. We will have to plan for a soup to go with this. Maybe this one?

And I still haven’t found a satisfactory Butterbeer recipe, so if anyone feels like they’ve got a good one, let me know in the comments! 🙂