The Haunted Library series #1-3 by Dori Hillestad Butler, Aurore Damant (Illustrations)

Published by Grosset and Dunlap
Source: Random House Books

The Haunted Library by Dori Hillestad Butler and Aurore Damant (illustrations) is a series of chapter books about Kaz who is a ghost and Claire who is a girl who can see ghosts without them doing anything to be seen.

(In this universe, ghosts can be seen when they glow but Claire can see ghosts even when they’re not glowing.)

Kaz is a rather timid sort of ghost and was determined not to venture Outside from the old schoolhouse he used to haunt with his entire family. His family consisted of his grandparents, two brothers, two parents, and a dog. But when the schoolhouse is demolished, Kaz and his family are blown away from it and each other by the wind Outside. Kaz ends up in a library, meets Claire and Beckett, the other ghost, and a series of adventures begins.

The books are short and I don’t think the prose presents a challenge to the younger reader. Kaz and Claire open a detective agency in order to help people with their ghost problems and also to find Kaz’s family. Often though they find that it is far from ghostly activity they are investigating. What I found really interesting is that considering the books are about ghosts there’s no discussion on where these ghosts come from and whether they were ever alive and if they were how they died. It’s probably because I’m an older reader that I question such things and I realize that such a discussion might be upsetting to some children but others may ask where these ghosts come from.

Still, as I said, the adventures are short with a lot of action and a quick resolution. Kids will devour these and probably clamour for more.