TTT: Bookworm Delights

TTT Top Ten Tuesday The Book Wars

TTT is a meme by The Broke And The Bookish, and today, we talk about bookish experiences that delight us. 🙂


  1. New Book Smell: I actually don’t like the old book smell. It’s kinda gross. The new book smell is clean and exciting, especially because it marks a whole new experience.
  2. Book Signings: I like standing in line and chatting with people around me. We already have one thing in common, so it’s easy to go from there.
  3. Marginalia: Not my own, though it’s fun, but I like reading notes from other people and trying to see the book from their perspective.


  1. Meeting other people (often unexpectedly) who have read the same books I have.
  2. Finding in one book references to other books. When I have read those other books it feels like the characters are talking about a friend we both know; when I haven’t, it feels like the characters are talking about a friend they want me to meet. Special either way.
  3. Words from other languages. Learning words and pronunciation from other languages (assuming the words are integrated well into the text and fit the story) is super cool, one more way to step into someone else’s perspective. (And learning new words, y’all! My nerdy heart is pumped.)


  1. While browsing online, coming across a title that seems like it’s perfect for you. Whether it’s on a website that curates book titles, your library catalogue or a book blogger talking it up on social media, finding a potentially amazing book is the best feeling.
  2. Similarly, finding a wonderful copy of a book you have been wanting madly for ages at a charity shop. That title you weren’t ever able to justify buying falling into your lap in pristine condition for a fraction of its original price. And yes, I know to support authors buying full price is ideal but when you don’t have money and circumstances conspire…who are you to deny fate?
  3. Getting unexpected book mail. Best feeling ever.
  4. Finding unexpected notes in a book.
  5. The feel of good quality paper under your fingertips as you read. Cannot substitute this feeling with anything else.


  1. I love reading a whole book in one sitting because it was so good or so enthralling that you just could not put it down so somehow (baby crying in the background, papers needing writing, mom shouting at you to clean your room, staying up all night etc…) you found a way to avoid everyone just to get to the last page. It’s like, if you didn’t finish it then there’s no way you could function in public because your mind would still be enthralled.
  2. Drinking coffee while reading when the characters are drinking coffee. I think I might just love everything about coffee…
  3. Lending favourite books to friends and having them love it as much as you.
  4. Books as presents! I love unwrapping a book, it almost doesn’t matter what book it is, I just like getting books.
  5. Loving a book that you weren’t expecting to love it. We all have to read some books, for school or for work or for reviewing and sometimes we really don’t look forward to it . . . I mean, if I get sent a book about sports for review I usually cringe and put it off for days, but then, if I love it I feel like I have really learned something and that the book is really special.