Review: I is for India by Prodeepta Das

I is for India

Hardcover, 32 pages
Published March 3rd 2016 by Frances Lincoln Children’s Books
Source: Publisher

From Bollywood to Peacock, from Namaskar to Tea, this photographic alphabet is a celebration of India in all its vast and colourful diversity. Prodeepta Das explores India’s customs, religions and culture, focusing both on the rhythms of the bustling cities, and on day-to-day village life. This stunningly photographed introduction to this unique and vibrant subcontinent has been updated with new images of today’s India.

I is for India is a brilliant little book full of pictures of India separated into different letters of the English alphabet. The book presents a great way for kids to learn about India while grounding the learning in a familiar setting such as the alphabet. So while the children are learn that J is for Jalebi (an Indian dessert) and K is for Kameez (the long tunic traditionally worn by both men and women), they will be comforted by their familiarity with the alphabet. The prose is accompanied by colourful pictures of the items under discussion. As I said, the book gives teachers and parents a wonderful way to introduce a new culture to children who aren’t especially familiar with India. I can totally see this book as a stepping stone from which kids go on to read more, substantial, books about India. Strongly recommended.