TTT: Websites We Love That Aren’t About Books

TTT Top Ten Tuesday The Book Wars

TTT is a meme by The Broke And The Bookish, but today, we talk about non-bookish things …


  1. I am a tabletop gamer and so I visit plenty of Paizo sites and chat boards . . . though the games are usually played through books . . .
  2. Email, Facebook and Twitter aren’t all necessarily about books . ..
  3. and
  4. lol this is sad . . .
  5. Google homepage! Hah! 4.5 web pages not about books! Props to me….


  1. Um, so technically webcomics aren’t about books. Because they’re online. Right? And (like books) they are about the characters. Not about books. Right.
  2. …Author and artist websites? Not *always* about the books. Sometimes they post just cool/interesting/beautiful/weird stuff. Like architecture. Like artifacts. Like art. Like fanart.
  3. Email! (I am not mentioning the amount of emails in my inbox that are about books.)
  4. Rejected Princesses. History and feminism and interesting people for the win.
  5. How-to sites. There are a lot of step-by-step instructions out there on how to build a historically accurate costume, or how to knit a fox hat, or how to make a peacock tail out of felt, or how to build a bat house, or how to survive just about anything. I immensely appreciate all the how-to pages on computer stuff, like how to use two different page numbering systems on one Word file (so much thesis stress saved by one quick online search).


  1. 8tracks: Basically radio, though I confess, I mostly use it for bookish purposes, like fanmixes.
  2. Joy the Baker: Because, food? I’ve been addicted to her stuff since I managed to recreate her Cinnamon Sugar Pull-Apart Bread. She has some of my favourite, go-to recipes.
  3. Monsoon Spice: For all kinds of Indian food, including Indian fusion-y stuff. I don’t always follow her recipes to a tee, but it always does work out.
  4. ColourPop: Everyone knows I love lipsticks, yes? Yes. These guys are cheap, high quality, and cruelty free. My current favourite is their blackish red liquid lipstick called Prim. Yes. That Prim.
  5. F Yeah Indian Fashion: For clothing inspiration for my stories and also, well, pretty clothes. *___*