Top Ten Tuesday: Characters We’d Name A Child/Pet/Familiar/Inanimate Object After

Seems strange to equate those things and I may/may not have slipped in the “familiar” bit, but basically, our favourite names, I guess?


  1. My cat’s name is Pippin after the LOTR character. He is an orange tabby, a scamp, a cutie, and, well, just not that bright. <3
  2. I would totally call a little puppy Manchee (after the Patrick Ness Knife of Never Letting Go dog character).
  3. I would name a set of Beta fish (forever staring at each other) Moriarty and Sherlock!
  4. While I kind of love fictional names for animals–because then they are real names and not just “fluffy” or “sneakers” but the name helps to characterize the animal’s personality (well, ok, for us humans anyway). But I just don’t think I’d purposely name a child after a fictional character… it is just weird to me. Like, though I don’t think I’d every do it, I’d be curious to see if we have a spike in little girls named “Katniss” anytime soon…


I’ll stick to characters from one series, which is on my mind for obvious reasons.

  1. Naming a companion animal after one of the Abhorsens feels like putting unfair expectations on a pet; alas, no Sabriel or Lirael in my future, and no Clariel, for somewhat more complicated reasons.
  2. But I could easily be tempted to call an animal Nicholas John Andrew Sayre, because it is so fun to say. (I am aware that most dogs do not recognize words of more than three syllables; he would be Nick for short. This could also be a wonderful name for an equine pet, because most horses have ridiculously long and ornate names anyway, and respond to something totally different than what they are registered as.)
  3. Kibeth would be a wonderful name for a loyal and enthusiastic dog.
  4. Ranna would be great for a very cuddly, sleepy pet, something mild-tempered and furry.
  5. Naming a cat Mogget is just asking for trouble. I would consider it.