A Brief Hiatus (And Other News)


So, as some of you may have noticed–or maybe it’s just my mother who has noticed, hey mum *waves*– I haven’t been posting much lately:

  • I announced a readalong for Sarah Rees Brennan’s Untold and failed to follow through.
  • I said I would participate in November’s theme and I haven’t done much of that either. 

My reasons aren’t dramatic. I don’t suddenly hate blogging. I am never overwhelmed by my reading lists, even though they only seem to have grown longer lately. 

It’s just that I’ve enrolled in school again. A publishing certificate program, to be precise. I kind of love/hate it. My courses range from wonderful to scary as all hell and mostly, they’ve been taking up a lot of time, time I would have liked spending on my posts, managing our Twitter, and writing my own stories.

I am also officially moving from Vancouver to Toronto. Thing is, despite the prospect of having Laura as a roomie, I’ve never been quite so scared to move in my life and let me tell you, I’ve moved an awful lot. Packing, cleaning, and saying goodbye has been physically and mentally exhausting. I am barely getting through this post without crying, you guys. I am, however, ready to argue with any pro-Tr*mp Hindus I meet in Toronto, so there is that to look forward to.

Speaking of unfortunate stains on the fabric of humanity, the recent US election was very telling of the kind of hate and ignorance we—yes, all of us—are going to have to face down in our lifetimes.I honestly don’t know if we’re going to be okay, but I also don’t think “okay” is an acceptable goal. We better aim to be golden because anything less is insulting; less than golden is what got us into this mess.

Now, I’m not a politician, I’m not even much of an activist, but this *gestures to all the books* is my corner of the world and I have to do something with this area that I love, this field that has brought me (and so many others) a lot of joy and perspective. This brings me to a major change in my review policy

  • I will no longer be reviewing books by straight/white/cisgendered/able-bodied authors. I will be continuing The Lynburn Legacy readalong, I will continue reviewing books in an ongoing series, and hey, if a team member gets published I will definitely be boasting about it as proud friends should, but those are my only exceptions. 

  • Starting January, I will do my best to be on Twitter more often and boost the heck out of any diverse authors and books we talk about on here. 

  • I will not be posting for the remainder of this month, but I will be posting about the diverse recommendations I received from my team in December. Basically, I’m carrying over this month’s Book Club theme to the next month.

In the meanwhile, I will try to finish up The Lynburn Legacy ASAP. Here’s the revised schedule that I am determined to keep to this time around:

  • December 2nd: Parts 1-4 of Untold
  • December 9th: Parts 5-7 of Untold
  • December 16th: Parts 1-2 of Unmade
  • December 23rd: Parts 3-5 of Unmade
  • December 30th: Parts 6-7 of Unmade

Come January, I am contemplating conducting a readalong of one of Marie Lu’s trilogies. I am a little torn between The Young Elites and Legend. Maybe I’ll take a poll on Twitter or something?

In any case, that’s all the updates I have for now.

I wish you all warmth during these frigid days and courage in the face of violent cowardice.  <3