November: Official Book Club Month, An Introduction

So you guys, happy the Day After Halloween also known in some circles as the 1st of November and, here at The Book Wars, as the first day of that month where the book warriors run about trying to finish the book their partners in crime recommended months ago.

*looks guilty*

So, ahem, this month is when we review or talk about the books that we have recommended to each other. Sometimes we will love the book recommended to us and other times we will not.

And hope that the person who recommended the book to us will not hate us for not liking the book and then hate them a little for not liking the book we recommended them.

I mean, how dare you not like the book I like? Or love? How dare you?


We will also be doing other things this month as par for the course. These include interviews, Top Tens, Cover Wars, reviews of current releases, and some articles about things relevant to children’s literature or literature in general.

It’s only midnight if you must know. Okay, 18 minutes past midnight. I’m still a bit coherent.


Anyway, we have lots planned and I hope you guys look forward to the books we are going to be talking about as we are.

They are mystery books so I can’t tell you the titles.

Happy November 1st.