Readalong: Unspoken by Sarah Rees Brennan [Posts 4 & 5/5]

Well, this is it! The very last readalong post for “Unspoken“, the first book in Sarah Rees Brennan’s trilogy The Lynburn Legacy!

For those who are waiting to read the next one, I’ve put the schedule for “Untold” at the very bottom on this post.

For those who’d like to see the discussion for this book wrapped up, read on!

Notable Moments

  • Kami questions Jared’s easy attitude towards violence/punching Ash–a conversation that I believe affects the way Jared behaves over the next two books too.
  • Holly is not taking Angela’s advances very well–because of a ton of reasons, all of them valid–and Angela is not taking Holly’s rejection very well. Though Kami is the protagonist here this is not about her and that’s okay. I like that Angela does things on her own terms.
  • I like this tension between the three of them, if only to see how well they work together in the future books.
  • Rob Lynburn is The Worst.
  • Ash is not The Worst, Jr. Edition–being a very confused and manipulated child–but man, he gets on my nerves just the way season one Zuko did. Can’t wait for season three Ash.
  • Angela remains, as ever, a stone cold badass. She may have dismissed Ash back in the beginning, but here, she takes a leap of faith and Ash does the same. It means so much that Angela, the person who dislikes most people, is the one to take a gamble on someone’s goodness.
  • Kami and Jared’s link is forcibly broken–even if Kami may have wanted it once, it didn’t happen on her terms–which makes book two a very interesting one: we finally get to see what Kami and Jared are like, sans the magic they never chose. I AM SO EXCITED TO READ UNTOLD YOU GUYS!

Favourite Quotes & Discussion

Jared had not woken the woods alone. She had done it too. Source and sorcerer, creating a storybook land out of  Sorry-in-the-Vale. Only the stories were different this time, because they were her stories too. For the first time, Kami saw what Rob Lynburn had feared she would see: the lure of power.

This whole part is just wonderful. Right before Kami comes to this realization about stories and power, she is reflecting upon the unusual magical creatures she encounters in the woods, the creatures that most definitely have come alive from the combination of Kami’s imagination and her sobo’s stories. Kami seeing herself in the magic is a powerful moment *whispers* like seeing yourself in a story … ?

“Which brings us to the least sexy word in the English language, kids,” Dad said, kicking back his chair. “Inbreeding. Avoid it. Think about dating outside the Vale.”

No discussion: I just love this man so much!

“Don’t you dare,” Kami commanded. “I’m not scared. I am the source.”

I like that Kami takes control of something she previously felt controlled by; this is a fantastic moment.

“…if you want to be all emotionally healthy about it, I’ll try to understand. That’s just the kind of relationship we have.”

I just love that this is said out loud. We learn an awful lot about Jared’s family in this section, but this line is what makes me feel like he’ll come through alright.

And that’s all I have for “Unspoken”! Share your thoughts about the book below! And if you’d like to see a change in the way I run the readalong, talk to me!

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Discussion Schedule For “Untold


  • November 11th: We cover Parts 1 and 2 this week. I’d like to ease everyone into this one and make it feasible for someone to catch up by the time the second post goes up.
  • November 18th: Parts 3, 4, and 5. Unfortunately, going easy on week one’s readings, means racing through the middle–which is fine because So Much Happens!
  • November 25th: Parts 6 and 7 and we get ready to read reading the final book in the series “Unmade“. I may even give you a list to help you prepare. Chocolate, for example, might help greatly.
Join us next week! And happy Sunday, readers!

PS: Recently, the lovely Sarah Rees Brennan was diagnosed with cancer. If you’d like to send her some kind words or like, I don’t know, temporary tattoos, check out Maureen Johnson’s tweet here. ♥