Readalong: Unmade by Sarah Rees Brennan [3/3]

This is it. The last readalong post for Sarah Rees Brennan’s The Lynburn Legacy. This week, we tackle Parts 6-7 of “Unmade“. Grab some chocolate if you think it will help.

(It won’t, but at least you’ll have chocolate, I guess.)

And, of course: HERE BE SPOILERS!


What I love the most about this last bit of the series is not the defeat of evil–which, I mean, is pretty satisfying–but the epilogue. Things have moved forward a little, sure, but the epilogue is all about repair and what used to be thought of as irreparable. There’s some odd threads of tension in the pages and I kinda? liked it?? Not “all is well” here. Rebuilding takes effort and I like that we see some of that.

Notable Moments:

  • Kami, Ash, and Jared–whose lives and loves are so entangled–find a way to have Kami as Source to two Sorcerers without two of the three dying. It mostly works because not one of them would let go of the other if the chance arose.
  • Kami more than the others, but you know what I mean.
  • Aw, Jon sees Angela as “grouchy, overly tall daughter”!
  • Rob Lynburn and his sorcerers get what they deserve.
  • Kami takes back her town!
  • Oh, did we ever talk about Claire Lynburn being turned into a statue? No? Ah, my bad. She’s okay now. Something that Kami uses as leverage: “Kami was going to be milking this ‘changed you back from stone’ business for baked goods for a solid decade. That was the kind of person she was. She accepted the truth about herself.”
  • Jon continues calling Lillian all kinds of “L” names. Some of which aren’t names at all.
  • Jared has a Darcy moment in the epilogue: “I am utterly in love with you.”
  • And the inevitable question of “Do you love me?” is not even the most vulnerable we’ve seen Jared, but this moment over all the other romantic moments is important, so I love how Kami responds.
  • MY!!!
  • SHIP!!!
  • SAILS!!!

Favourite Quotes:

I know I did it all wrong, and I’m sorry. If that’s wrecked any chance for us, I understand.

I love when Holly uses her words. I love that Holly doesn’t push either. Angie rejecting her would hurt, but she would understand.

“You meant it?” Angela asked. “You r-really do?” […] “I could keep trying different ways to tell you, until you believe me, That is, if you want to hear it.”

Of course, Angela doesn’t reject Holly, so all is well! Huzzah! And Holly, aw, she’s doing great!

“Being with you is the only definition of happiness I have.”

Anyone else saying this would have been creepy, but with Jared, it’s the truth. The kid was thought to be crazy, was unloved by his mother, abused by both fathers–his down time with the voice in his head i.e. Kami was what made him feel happy and loved. I wonder if he’s going somewhere with this …

“I want you to know something else. I would have died for this, but I have other things to live for: Ash, my aunt Lillian, Martha Wright, my home, my town. I’m going to try to live.”

… ah, there it is, the reason I enjoy reading Jared.

Why be broken, when you can be gold?

Nice reference to the art of kintsugi and another reminder of the time Kami spent with her grandmother. Also, why I insist that “Make It Gold” by Chvrches is perfect for Kami. Also, also! The epilogue is called “Written in Gold” and I love that.

Rob Lynburn was in her way.

Dang, Robbie is in trouble. We know that Kami hates when people get in her way, right? No, but seriously, I love this line. Up until this point in the book Rob was this unstoppable force, but Kami’s voice reduces him to something small and pest-like, something to smack with the heel of her shoe.

And really that’s most of the series, isn’t it? Kami’s words revealing the world for what it really is? I do so love Kami. I feel like I haven’t said it enough, but I do.

And now … we say goodbye *sob* to these marvellous characters *weeping* that I, at the very least, have spent three months obsessing over. I just.


Why can’t have more books with these lovelies? I mean, I know why, but I miss them already. (╯_╰)

Thank you, thank you, Sarah Rees Brennan for this wonderful series.

*sigh* Anyway, for those who want to read the series someday or for those who want a re-read, I’ve compiled all the readalong posts here for your convenience:

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G’bye readers! And here’s to a happy and healthy 2017! <3