Goodnight World

It’s never too early to introduce children to fantastic Aboriginal art, culture and traditions! Goodnight World is a beautiful baby book that’s brimming with colour and life, and is perfect for sharing with the little ones in your life.

This beautiful board book is a perfect bedtime read for families with young children. Little ones can wind down and prepare for bed by saying goodnight to different British Columbian animals, each represented by traditional Indigenous imagery. Over six First Nations traditional artistic styles are represented in Goodnight Moon, providing children with an introduction to local Indigenous artistic styles. The emphasis on the natural world helps introduce readers to the generations’-old bonds Indigenous communities have forged with the wildlife they share have always shared their land with.

As befits any good bedtime book, the gentle text is rhythmic and soothing, perfect for lulling babies to sleep. The imagery as well is perfect for very  young children, with bright, vivid colours and bold, black lines, which are ideal for babies’ developing eyesight.

On top of being a fantastic book in its own right, partial proceeds from each sale of Goodnight World support Aboriginal early childhood development programs! You can learn more about the company behind Goodnight World, Native Northwest, on their website.

Say goodnight with a beautiful books while also giving back to the community. What could be better?