Notes from the Wild – Popular Series as Picked by Actual Kids

Notes from the Wild

As a librarian, I often have parents and caregivers asking for book recommendations for their children. While I’m more than happy to help connect kids with books, let’s be honest, it’s been a looooong time since I was a kid. A long, long time.

I can tell parents which books have won awards, or have received glowing reviews from literary magazines like School Library Journal or blogs like this one,  and I can comment on a book’s quality of writing or illustration. But there’s nothing quite like getting book recommendations directly from the target audience.

And so, here are a few book series that have been given the seal of approval by the real, live, 6-8 year old members of my library kids book club! All of the participants at my last meeting were girls, and interestingly all of the series they listed as favourites feature female characters, as well as lots and lots of pink. Animals, clubs, fairies, princesses and school stories are common threads throughout these popular series, as are cute illustrations and even more pink!

Critter Club

Amy and her friends have adventures and help lost and lonely animals as The Critter Club!

Heidi Heckelbeck

Heidi Heckelbeck seems like any other eight-year-old, but she has a secret: She’s a witch in disguise!

The Fairy Bell Sisters

Follow along with Tinker Bell’s little sisters Clara Bell, Golden Bell, Rosy Bell, Sylva Bell, and baby Squeak on their adventures on Sheepskerry Island.


Clementine is a young girl with a bigger-than-life personality that allows seems to get her in trouble, and a heart of gold that helps her get out of it.

Cupcake Diaries

When Katie’s best friend abandons her to join the “popular” girls club, she and her three new friends forms the Cupcake cCub as a way to spread the cupcake love and earn some cupcake cash!

Princess Posey

Posey is really nervous about starting first grade, but with the help of her special pink tutu, things start looking up!

Have you read any of these series? Are they as popular in your school or library as they are in mine? What series are kids gravitating towards in your area? I’d love to know!

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