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Bear waits for his friend Goliath for a long time, even when others doubt he’ll show up. This is a warm and surprising story about waiting for a friend whose identity is a surprise!

What a simple, gentle, lovely book! Bear is waiting for his best friend Goliath, who is strong and smart and smells nice and is well-behaved. Bear waits, and waits, and wait. Other animals come and go. Unlike Bear, they don’t believe in Goliath.

“Your Goliath isn’t coming”, they say.

But Goliath never gives up on his friend, and waits patiently, never complaining, for his friend to finally arrive. I won’t spoil the ending, but I will say that it is a very sweet surprise.

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Author/illustrator Antje Damm’s mixed-media illustrations have been described as “luminescent”, and they are an absolute joy to behold. The simple text places the emphasis on the artwork, and allows them to really shine.

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Waiting for Goliath shares its message of patience and faith with great gentleness. Bear believes in his friend completely, and never lets the doubts of others shake his faith in Goliath. He never whines or complains, he simply accepts that Goliath will come because he said he would. Bear knows Goliath, and he believes in their friendship. It’s a lovely story, sweetly and simply told, and could open up meaningful conversations about what friendship is all about.

New Zealand based publisher Gecko Press specialises in English translations of international picture books, and has brought picture books from all around the world to North American audiences. Waiting for Goliath was originally published in German, and thankfully now English-speaking children can experience it, too.

Waiting for Goliath

Hardcover, 32 pages
August 1, 2017 : Gecko Press
Source: Thomas Allen & Son

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