Dreams of Hope : A Bedtime Lullaby


Hardcover, 32 pages
Published June 1, 2011 by Saffron Press
Source: Publisher

With a quiet compassion for the natural world, a father and his daughter explore the meaning of beauty. Land bound Sundees turn into highflying butterflies, and gentle, but endangered Chiru snuggle into their warm Shahtooshi. As the father lays his Little One to bed, she is full of a renewed love and respect for the Earth and all living things.

Lyrical and elegant, with beautiful illustrations and a gentle message of a love and respect, Dreams of Hope is a stunning addition to any bedtime story collection.

Bedtime stories abound, but there are several elements that really set Dreams of Hope apart as something special.


First of all is the story’s depiction of a loving father who’s actively involved in his child’s life. With his beautiful lullaby, this dedicated father instills in his daughter a deep love and appreciation for the world around her, while also reassuring her of his enduring love and support. It’s wonderful when fathers in picture books are depicted as caring, loving and devoted, both as a reflection of the countless fathers who are just like this, and as positive role models for young male readers. It’s also exceedingly rare to see a turban-wearing character in a picture book, adding just another layer to this beautiful story.


The story’s use of Panjabi vocabulary is another lovely touch. Throughout the text Panjabi words are used, celebrated and highlighted, and a glossary and pronunciation guide is included at the end of story.


Finally, Gurleen Rai’s illustrations are quietly beautiful, creating a calm, peaceful nighttime scene through which our Little One confidently explores and dances.

Saffron Press is a small Canadian independent publishing house that is “dedicated to inspiring citizens of change”. In Dreams of Hope they have created a beautiful, meaningful lullaby that is sure to delight and inspire children and adults alike.

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