Review: What’s My Superpower?


Hardcover, 36 pages
Published 2017 by Inhabit Media Inc.
Source: Publisher

Nalvana feels like all of her friends have some type of superpower. She has friends with super speed (who always beat her in races), friends with super strength (who can dangle from the monkey bars for hours), and friends who are better than her at a million other things. Nalvana thinks she must be the only kid in town without a superpower. But then her mom shows Nalvana that she is unique and special, and that her superpower was right in front of her all along. 

Nalvana lives in a small town “where winter is always longer than summer”, a town that’s short on cars and big city noise, but filled with friends and opportunities for adventure and fun. Nalvana dreams of of being a superhero, and runs around her town with a yellow blanket cape and a pair of snowmobiling goggles. All of Nalvana’s friends seem to have superpowers, and Nalvana worries that she’ll never find a superpower of her own.


With her Anaana’s help, Nalvana realises that her superpower is a very special one – Nalvana has a special ability to make the people around her feel better about themselves. With her optimism, positivity and enthusiasm, Nalvana spreads happiness and confidence wherever she goes, which is the very best superpower of all!

What’s My Superpower is a very sweet story that encourages children to rethink how they evaluate success – rather than basing their ideas of achievement on what they can take from the world (money, awards, titles), Nalvana’s story takes a different spin, encouraging kids to think about what they can give to the world, and how they can make it a better place.


Tim Mack’s comic-style illustrations are fantastic, so full of life and colour and energy – you can just feel Nalvana bursting and bouncing off each page. The cover alone is sure to have kids pulling this one off the shelf!

The northern setting and Inuktitut vocabulary are wonderful inclusions that give What’s My Superpower a fresh, inclusive spin, making it a welcome, much-needed new addition to the “be yourself” picture book genre.


Take a trip to the far north with What’s My Superpower and get to know a spirited new character you’re bound to fall in love with!

Inhabit Media is an Inuit-owned publishing company based in Iqaluit, Nunavut, whose mission “is to preserve and promote the stories, knowledge and talent of Inuit and northern Canada.”

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