Picture Books for Hot Summer Days

We’re having a bit of a hot wave here on the west coast, and what better what to cool off than with a great book (and some air conditioning)? “heat wave” is a relative term – the current temperature outside my window is 31 degrees (that’s about 88 degrees for you Yankees), which might not seem particularly steamy for some readers, but which is positively roasting here. In honour of this hot and sunny weather, here are some delightful picture books that are perfect for enjoying this summer….in the cool, air conditioned library!
What better way to stay cool than taking a dip in your backyard pool? Unless, of course, there’s a giant whale hogging all the water! An adorable charmer of a picture book.
Jabari Jumps
Who doesn’t remember looking up at the diving board with a heart-pounding mixture of excitement and terror? Jabari is totally ready to jump off the diving board…or is he? Sweet, positive and perfect for summer.
There’s more excitement and wonder lurking beneath the surface of a public pool than you could ever imagine, at least when you’re a shy child with an active imagination and a new friend! A favourite wordless picture book.
Sukie’s human loves splashing and swimming in the sea, but Sukie isn’t so sure. There are so many things that might go wrong! As a life-long worrier myself, I adored Sukie, and cheered with her as she conquered her fears and discovered her own love for the water.
Elly MacKay’s luminous illustrations bring Laurie Elmquist’s gentle, poetic text beautifully to life in this gorgeous baby book.
Everyone’s favourite neurotic small mammal is back, and these time he’s off to the beach! So, so funny.
A beautiful wordless picture book that follows a little girl as she explores the beach and interacts with the sea. Stunning illustrations.
Duck wants to go on an adventure, while Goose would much rather stay at home where it’s comfortable and safe. But when the feathered pair arrive at the beach, the table are quickly turned, as Goose falls in love with the sea, and Duck doesn’t! Very sweet illustrations and a charming mismatched pair.
Now go jump in a pool! Without your books, of course. 😉
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