Well, That Escalated Quickly: Memoirs and Mistakes of an Accidental Activist by Franchesca Ramsey

Hardcover, 256 pages
Published May 22nd 2018 by Grand Central Publishing
Source: Publisher

I wasn’t aware of Franchesca Ramsey and her viral video until I read this book so if you haven’t heard of Franchesca Ramsey before now, do yourself a favour and Google her.

Well, That Escalated Quickly details Franchesca’s accidental foray into activism. It all started when she made a video titled Things White Girls Say…to Black Girls after watching some racist videos in the same theme.

The memoir is extremely honest. Brutally honest, in fact. It speaks in details the lessons Franchesca has learned without sparing her ego and pride. She speaks about the things she learned when her video went viral, the conversations she had but shouldn’t have and the conversations she should have had but didn’t. She speaks about her experiences with trolls and social media.

We live our lives in spaces the generation past couldn’t have imagined. The experiences we have online are no less real for not being physical. This memoir, another in a growing list of memoirs talking about racial politics, does so in a way that I feel may be a bit more accessible.

I know I learned a lot about things and realized I was doing things I shouldn’t have been doing when I read this book. (I’m guilty of saying “guys” which I really shouldn’t be saying to address a diverse group.)

I’m rusty at reviews so forgive me if I don’t manage to convey that Well That Escalated Quickly is a good read. It has a lot of heart and is quite sincere. I genuinely appreciate how honest the book is and I look forward to seeing more from her.