Lady Helen trilogy by Alison Goodman

Lady Helen trilogy was released by Viking from 2016 onward with an installment every year. You will find reviews for books one and two on this website. It is very difficult to review the third installment in a trilogy without giving things away so I have decided to review the series as a whole.

Goodman’s research is expansive and easily seen in the details that bring Lady Helen’s world to life. The clothing, the culture, the rites and rituals of high society all feels so close to life. Goodman’s worldbuilding and fantasy, too, are carefully thought out with no holes for logic to escape. What I particularly liked about this series is how immersive it is. The feminism in it is true to its time and articulated brilliantly at times. The chemistry between Helen and Carlston is *fans self*.

The plot twists are numerous and the story keeps you wondering. I did guess who the eventual person…villain was in book one though so I did feel that the protagonists not even questioning him was a bit odd. I mean, it was obvious. No one is that perfect. But that just may be.

If you are in the mood for something historical with a female protagonist who is smart and deadly, with smoldering romance, you should give this series a try. You might lose hours if not days sunk into the glory of the world Goodman has created.