Abrams Appleseed Board Books

I received a number of board books in the past few months and I figure it’s about time I discuss a number of them. Unlike my usual review format, I will just link to the book’s GR page and let Readers know of the ones I liked more than others.

The first one that came my way was I LOVE YOU, ELEPHANT illustrated by Carles Ballesteros and written by Harriet Stone. Coming out in January 2020, this little boardbook is perfect for toddlers who are all about the tactile experience. The little book is gnaw-proof (mostly) and toddlers will be fascinated by the changing faces as the pages are turned.

Abrams Appleseed also sent me FARMBLOCK by Christopher Franceschelli with art by Peskimo. I adored this chunky boardbook that is full of flaps, numbers, colours, and sounds. In fact, this would make the perfect gift for a little one who has just started to get curious about the world outside.

The next one is also from Abrams Appleseed. WHERE IS MY PINK SWEATER? by Nicola Slater is out on October 8th and is a fun jaunt with the MC looking for the titular sweater. With fun activities on each page (flaps, counting prompts), bright colours, and jumping typography, this one is sure to win hearts.

Along with the other books came MY MAGICAL DRAGON (October 8th) and MY MAGICAL MERMAID (May 21st), both my Yujin Shin. These two volumes are Push/Pull/Slide books which offer loads of fun to young readers for whom reading is beyond the simple decoding of the letters on the page.

My nephew, Ruwaiz, is crazy about trains so ALL ABOARD! THE AIRPORT TRAIN by Nichole Mara and Andrew Kolb (August 6th) is a perfect fit for him. The board book is train shaped and unwraps into a long train with many cars. Each car features an activity that will keep children engaged for a long time.

We don’t celebrate Christmas but CHRISTMAS IS AWESOME by Sabrina Moyle and Eunice Moyle (October 15th) is chockful of the imagery associated with the holiday. My niece and nephew are fans.

APPLE by Nikki McClure (August 1st) is a beautiful book featuring (in alphabet style) the seasons in an apple’s life. The paper cuts are especially gorgeous with white illustrations against black backgrounds.

And finally, LOOK! Babies Head to Toe by Robie H. Harris and Anoosha Syed (August 27th) complete the collection of books. LOOK is perfect for little ones who have been curious about themselves and other babies like them.