Podcasts you don’t want to miss #1: Put A Blurb On It

*throws streamers*

*throws confetti*

*bakes a cake*

Like books and comics? Put A Blurb On It is a podcast in which Yash and Ardo – and sometimes special guests – discuss just those things. The teaser trailer was released July 21, 2017; the ninth episode (not including the trailer) was released four days ago.

Speaking of…

The ninth episode is *drumroll* an interview with Jason Reynolds, author of (in counter-chronological order):

Um, yeah. That Jason Reynolds.*

Put A Blurb On It is available on soundcloud and on itunes (free!).  One of the cool things Yash and Ardo do for their listeners is that they post a list and photoset of all the books mentioned in each episode so that if you want to remember a title but didn’t have pen and paper handy, it’s okay! They’ve got your back. You can find out what that fascinating book was and stick it on your tbr list or put a hold on it at the library without having to launch a comprehensive and exhausting google search armed only with a partial title or glimmers of a synopsis. Book lists are posted on the podcast’s facebook page along with other bookish news, and on tumblr along with select bookish fanart.

Be warned: the books and comics mentioned on Put A Blurb On It will seriously flood your tbr list. (You’ll thank Yash and Ardo after reading, of course.) The sound quality in the trailer and first episode is a little fuzzy, but it clears up after that. All the love to libraries with recording rooms!

The podcast tone is friendly and light-hearted even as Yash and Ardo give, for example, a list of books to counter white supremacy. Listening is like hearing a good friend chat about her favourite stories** and pass on the latest good news about upcoming books and book-based movies. The episodes are very easy listening – soothing, thoughtful book talk – even for listeners who are new to podcasts.

*I’m just going to boast a little about my friend Yash, who can speak to extraordinary authors intelligently and coherently and without dissolving into a puddle of awestruck tonguelessness. How does she do it.

**Which. Okay. Is exactly the case for me. 🙂

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