Review Policy

We accept review requests?!

Yes and no! For the yes part: We are always happy to read and review new books, but before you send us an email request, please read the following.

  • We run this blog because we love children’s lit and any crossover materials. We choose what content to post here and we reserve the right to not review your book.
  • Basically, a review request does not equal a review.
  • We require all email requests to mention the staff member you’d like to have read and review your work.
  • So please get to know us a little better before sending us a request.
  • Please also know that while we will do our best to reply to all emails, due to the number of emails we receive, we may not be able to respond to yours. Our apologies.

There are different writers writing for The Book Wars and all of them have different availabilities where review requests are concerned. Read on for our individual preferences:

Yash is not currently accepting any review requests.
Janet is not currently accepting any review requests.
Jane reviews picturebooks exclusively.
Nafiza is not currently accepting any review requests.

On format:
  • Jane, Yash, and Yuriy are willing to accept e-galleys.
  • Yash accepts audiobooks.
  • Nafiza prefers finished copies.
On category:

We’re mainly a children’s literature blog, so we mainly read PBs/MG novels/YA, but Yuriy will accept comics that aren’t particularly marketed towards young readers.

Still interested in requesting a review?

Please email us at and be sure to mention the blogger you’d like to have read/review your book in the subject line.