Asian Heritage Month Display 2018

We’ve got a display area  in the children’s section of our library that we switch up every month to showcase different items in our collection. Since May is Asian Heritage Month here in Canada, we’ve been filling our display with books by Asian authors and illustrators from around the world. In no particular order, here are just a handful of the books we’ve had up on display this month (most of which aren’t current out on display because they’ve been checked out!):


Wave : Suzy Lee

Fox and Squirrel : Ruth Ohi (Canada)

Sam and Eva: Debbie Ridpath Ohi (Canada)


Ling & Ting – Not Exactly the Same! : Grace Lin


The Sound of Silence: Katrina Goldsaito


Grand Canyon: Jason Chin


Pool: JiHyeon Lee


The Adventures of Beekle: Dan Santat


Let Me Finish! : Minh Le


Little Kunoichi : Sanae Ishida


The Arrival: Shaun Tan


Jasmine Toguchi – Mochi Queen : Debbi Michiko Florence

The Only Child

The Only Child: Guojing


Wild One: Noel Tuazon (Canada)


Obasan: Joy Kogawa (Canada)


Bee-bim Bop! : Linda Sue Park


Maggie’s Chopsticks : Alan Woo (Canada)


Hana Hashimoto, Sixth Violin : Chieri Uegaki (Canada)


The Name Jar: Yangsook Choi


Big Red Lollipop: Rukhsana Khan

I have to force myself to stop my list here, otherwise I’ll just keep going and going! These are just some of the many talented authors and illustrators we’ve had on display this month as part of Asian Heritage Month, all of whom we love to read and share all year long!

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